A row has erupted over Jeremy Hunts statement in the commons suggesting the statistics he has are incorrect. Hunt suggests Only 10% of patients on weekends are being assessed by a consultant. Experts on statistics refute this suggesting 79% of patients get to see a consultant, but this figure is over a 7 day week.

So if 21% of patients over a week do not see a consultant, could Hunt figure also be correct. The fact is we wont know? But the questions to ask is, can the government make sure that the statistics are good and accepted before vital decisions are made on whether a 7 day NHS is possible.

What both statistics suggest is that there remains a risk that patients will not see the right doctor on a weekend. A medical emergency does not take the weekend off. The obejective is therefore clear, and the research supports it. So lets avoid rows about the research and just get the right people treating patients at the right time.