This breaking news fits with the profile of cases where mums to be sought legal advice about their still births.

This study suggest that in 1/2 of cases where still birth occurs, concerns were raised with the midwives or medical team. The questions faced by any legal team investigating such a case, is what could the medical team do if an abnormality was found. if there can be a safe delivery at that point in gestation, a potential claim could be made in negligence. This however must be balanced about what is reasonable for a medical team to do.

If presented with adverse symptoms, but the accepted medical opinion would be to wait to see what happens, legal liability for the death of a foetus would not follow. This of course offers no consolation to the family at what is the most difficult time.

What helps the NHS win confidence is doing something if something can be done, and not doing nothing, and certainly not explaining whey they think no action can be taken.

The key is communication, and time allows for this to ensure in the hardest of times, no one feels let down.