So Lady C has left the jungle.  Reported to be for medical reasons I have interpreted that as a broken heart. I read reports that she had gone into the jungle to pay for a new roof  at Goring Castle.  I think she was also looking for love hoping to follow in the footsteps of Katie Price and Peter Andre.  She definitely had her eye on a younger model, with good looks and a fit body as she targeted sportsmen Keiron Dyer and Chris Ubanks.  Both became her allies and supported her when the camp turned when her viper like tounge was unleashed.  Well Chris was voted out last night and Keiron has made it clear her attentions would be better focused on Christiano Ronaldo.  So she was left in the jungle with a vein old goat and self obsessed boring pop star, with no love lost there.  George is just a baby and Lady C does have some standards. So there you have it with no love left in the jungle Lady C leaves with a broken heart.