I'm sure many will applaud the government position on Whiplash claims in that money will not be recoverable for the same if the chancellor has his way. But lets stop and think about the bigger picture if and when this becomes part of the legal landscape. What the government is saying is that you could be injured through no fault of your own. Anyone can drive into your car, and cause you injury. Because this is a soft tissue injury you will not received one penny in compensation for the pain and suffering.

We know the allegation raised against some in that fraudulent claims being made. However what is happening is the government intend to punish all instead of the few. What will the result be? Millions in savings for insurers. The savings will grossly outweigh the previous cost of paying for suspicious claims.

The real loser will be the innocent victim with a serious injury. Perhaps the £50 this year in your pocket sounds good, but if you had a life long injury, would you really have preferred that the law stay as it was?

Please also remember that insurers don't just do motor insurance, and the current floods will affect all premiums over the next few years.