I read the article about the new Stars Wars book with some amusement.  Hard core fans are up in arms over the revelation a kitchenette was installed on the Millennium Falcon as a wedding gift to Princess Leia! (careful potential spoiler alert!) As if her husband would have been that thoughtful!

It did get me thinking though; presents are funny things.  It is easy to get the present "wrong" leading to light sabre wars where for the aggrieved recipient death is the only satisfactory outcome.  Then there is the "right" present but insufficient gratitude from the recipient leaving the donor floating in outer space seething.  What about the "guilt" present - perfect present, joyfully received everything is right except it was completely unaffordable and the donor constantly has guilt lurking whilst wondering how the Empire can be repaid in the New Year.

This can all lead to unhappy relationships; whilst the right or wrong present is never going to be the cause of a relationship breakdown it may just be the emotional spark which turns your partner to the dark side. 

When a relationship breaks down it is easy to feel that the Death Star has you locked in its tractor beam.  Looking at finding sensible solutions through mediation or dispute resolution will help you find the way to feel the force is with you!