Anyone who has had more than one child will know how conflicting advice can be.  What everyone wants is a healthy baby in their family.  The advice given seems to change every few years.  Before it was nuts, sometimes good, other times bad.  And now we see the latest assault on the potato.  

What this message doesn't tell us is what the risks of  gestational diabetes are.  The main one is a higher  birth weight.  That means a higher risk of complications in labour, and a greater risk of damage to your baby before life has begun. 

So what should expectant mothers do? Reading between the lines, the best advice is to watch your overall sugar intake and keep to a balanced diet. 

Keep following your midwives advice and go to all of your antenatal appointments.  That's is advice that has been consistent to expectant mothers over the last decade.  

Keep yourself in good health and you give you and your baby the best chances for your new life.