This morning I appeared on the Julian Clegg Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Solent  to discuss the sad case of an elderly lady who had been evicted from her care home due to the alleged behaviour of her daughter. 

Whilst I understand that the particular matter is somewhat settled  the case highlighted the fact that generally speaking private residential homes are run as businesses. This means that there are terms and conditions attached to the residents' placement and if these are breached the care home may ask that resident to leave.

I would always encourage anybody dealing with difficulties at a loved one's care home to try and do so as calmly as possible and ensure you are speaking with someone who is a 'decision maker'. An open and frank discussion can often enable both parties to discuss problems whilst agreeing how to move forward and perhaps most importantly keep the person needing care at the centre of decision making.

You can listen to the story at approximately 36 minutes and 1 hour 36 minutes into the programme.