The news that Johnny Depp's third marriage has come to an end after only 15months may be newsworthy but short celebrity marriages are pretty common and the more extroadinary is those marriages who last a lifetime in the public glare. It is however unusual for a man embarking on marriage for the third time not to have contemplated a pre nuptial agreement given that this would have given both of them come certainty as to how they were going to sort things out post separation. Instead it now looks like there there is going to be a court dispute about the financial division. Pre nuptial agreements are often see as unromantic and planning to fail but I think that if you are embarking on a relationship second or third time around or where there is a great discrepancy in the assets and income you are brining to the relationship they can save a lot of heartache further down the line if things go wrong. Hopefully the agreement is filed away and never referred to again but given marriages break down frequently it seems sensible to consider as part of any financial planning to look at what should happen if finances have to be divided. It can save a lot of legal wrangling and costs.